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Comprehensive Inspection & Engineering Solutions

ARCXIS offers comprehensive inspection and engineering solutions that fit your specific needs. It doesn’t matter whether you build 100 homes or 4,000 homes. With our diverse skill set and comprehensive training, our inspectors enable you to get the job done right — both quickly and efficiently.

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Increase Efficiency. Lower Total Costs.

When it comes to residential construction, going with the lowest cost option has a tendency to cost you more in the end. That’s what happens when your inspections lack the expertise and foresight to prevent unwanted surprises. With ARCXIS, we catch potential problems early while they are still easy to fix. By eliminating risk, our team creates a smooth building process — enabling you to speed up the construction process without compromising quality.

"Excellent company with great staff! (ARCXIS) helped me with building a few homes. The results were OUTSTANDING. Jimmy Clanton (Regional Manager) is an awesome individual to work with. He provides the highest quality service, and is very considerate, professional, and quite personable. Benjamin Lester is a well-qualified inspector and a very kind person. I appreciate his thoroughness in guiding me through the inspection process."  - Ben
“Called them to come out to verify foundation due to cracks found during the inspection. Dale came out and took some measurements. We compared that against a previous foundation report and they didn't match. To me it looked like I needed foundation work. I was ready to get the foundation work done and talked with Brannon King (Executive VP Sales, Central Region). He verified the two reports and noticed that each report used a different reference point. He ran through a few items and confirmed that when reference points were aligned, we were good! I was about to spend a lot of money but due to their thoroughness and honesty, I didn't spend any money at all. Thank you Brannon and Dale for everything!"  - Jason
“My favorite and most pleasant person I have had experience with (and paid my invoices) is Ms. Kathy Seaman! She is a person full of energy and happiness, she sure gets the job done, and done well. If there is any issues or questions, she will find the answer for you and makes sure my issues are solved to my satisfaction. I also had opportunities to work with Mr. John Clanton, who provided great service and advice during my homes' inspections. Thank you all. I highly recommend this company as I had the best experience and results working with them."  - Mehrdad Vatani, Ph.D.
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Our Knowledge Mitigates Risk

At ARCXIS, We are educators in building better homes, and mitigating risks. Our team of certified inspectors and engineers not only provide superior inspections, but help educate your construction managers and trades on a daily basis to help them get the job done right — safely and efficiently. We know the ins and outs of codes and regulations, and can boost buyer confidence in building practices through certification by our Guardian Inspection Program.

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With ARCXIS, you can trust each home is carefully evaluated with deep expertise in code compliance and building process optimization, without sacrificing speed or accuracy. Our team of specialists and engineers conduct over 100 types of residential inspections and offer an array of services — including engineering, inspecting, forensic, energy efficiency, and HVAC services — to eliminate duplication and get your job done faster.

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