Don't let mechanical systems installation fail you. At ARCXIS, we offer HVAC Design to include: Manual J (Head Load), D (Duct Design), and S (System Selection). Our team is able to place the HVAC system in the same area with engineering struts. This helps the builder achieve consistency and allows the frame inspection to move on to the next stage faster

Manual J

Provides the heat load for each room. This determines the amount of air needed to be supplied into a room to keep the occupants comfortable. Must perform this before a Manual D can be executed. Must have a Manual J Builder Profile on file.

Manual D

From the information provided from the Manual J heat load our engineers can determine the size of ducts needed to deliver the amount of air required into each room. This can be integrated into the DPIS Frame Engineering package.

Manual S

This is the selection of the proper equipment chosen to deliver the correct heating and cooling.

Ventilation Design

This service designs the sizing of the make up air ventilation duct and the required amount of air to be brought into a home. This is now a code requirement for all residential structures.

Plan Analysis - Code

Energy Plan Analysis in Remrate software to comply with code on the performance side of the code.

Thermal Envelope Depiction

This service shows where the location of the Air Barrier (Sheathing) and the Thermal Barrier (Insulation) is placed in the residential structure. This is now a code compliance document.

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