February 11, 2022

3 Tips to Keep Home Builds on Schedule and Within Budget

Are you having issues keeping your home builds on schedule and within budget? Are you going beyond planed production days due to callbacks that should have been addressed in early stages? Are you ready to better homes faster?

Here’s what you need to know.

Hire an Inspection Partner Who Understand the Codes

The most effective time saver provided by DPIS is ensuring every part of the home is being constructed to code before the next stage begins.

Our certified home inspectors throughout Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee hold the latest IRC structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing certifications. And they understand what needs to be done to move your builds forward.

Use a Partner with Experience in Multiple Areas

Maintaining a DPIS building inspector on a project is a surefire way to keep home construction on schedule. Our inspectors are certified in MEP and energy programs and have extensive experience in identifying construction issues before boards are cut.

Our skilled engineers are also on call to solve complicated construction issues and perform cost-benefit analyses to determine which solution is the best for your timeline and budget.

And because we care about quality and our clients’ reputation, we share our expertise with your crews, so callbacks are reduced.

Catch it Early and Fix it Fast

If a defect is discovered after construction has continued, the time and materials required to fix that defect can be devastating to the project budget and schedule. For example, if a code reviewer finds that crimped duct runs have restricted air flow to a point where replacement is needed, the builder will need to demolish drywall and remove insulation at a minimum to get to the crimped duct, remove and reinstall new duct, and replace whatever was demolished like insulation, trim, and paint.  

Having an inspector on your team to quickly identify issues prior to the punch list is certainly a cheaper alternative than having to tear out and reinstall completed work.

By being thorough during early inspections, DPIS minimizes callbacks and helps builders finish homes 20 days faster on average. Contact us to get started!