February 11, 2022

Barrier Beams Will Leave You High and Dry

Building on high plasticity soil comes with the risk of foundation issues like cracking, tilting or even flooding. Many builders address these issues with soil injections, superficially filling the soil to near its maximum water retention level, but using barrier beams can be more cost-effective. 

A Better Alternative to Soil Injections

Soil injections gained popularity during a time when building a deep and sustainable foundation on top of clay soils was expensive and time-consuming. But today, smart engineering techniques have completely turned the tables. Now, the more expensive and time-consuming method is soil injection.

Soil injection also creates future issues for homeowners. Over time, the water evaporates and is absorbed by the surrounding dry soil, thus becoming susceptible to weather cycles and the habits of not just the homeowners, but also their neighbors. If the neighbor to the right waters frequently and the neighbor to the left does not, the homeowners will end up with a tilted foundation and/or a foundation that is susceptible to cracks, which is a very expensive issue to fix.

Skip soil injections and build your homes on a solid foundation not subject to the whims of mother nature or neighbors and get your job completed faster with Barrier Beam Design.

How it Works

Barrier Beam Design retains the same waffle-style foundation slab and 24-inch interior beams. We simply replace the perimeter beams with longer ones. The design is specifically calculated to use the least amount of lumber, concrete, and rebar with smart engineering. This combined with post-tension techniques keeps the foundation sturdy without having to wait on soil injections.

barrier beam install

The result? Your project is completed faster, is more environmentally-friendly than the sometimes chemically-treated water used in soil injections and reduces long-term warranty risks.

Could your building project benefit from faster turn-around times and reduced overall cost?