February 11, 2022

Builder Explains Why Inspection Quality Matters

We recently asked our client First America Homes about why they choose to work with the DPIS team. Here's what Dave Barnhart, Division President of First America Homes / Signorelli Homes had to say about his experience:

"There are many engineering companies and many inspection companies out there in our industry. And many of these companies use the sales pitch that they will save you money on your engineering or inspections, typically by skimping on design or by cutting out an inspection in the building process that they deem unnecessary.

If an issue ever does arise, those separate entities simply point the finger at each other, which helps no one.  

As builders we recognize that it takes a long time to build a solid reputation, and only a very short time to gain a reputation for poor quality. This is why we invest in the structure of our homes and we invest in engineering an inspection services with a company that in my opinion is hands down the best in our market.

I have worked with DPIS for over 16 years, and I feel confident that from a structural standpoint any home that DPIS designs and inspects is a home that we feel comfortable putting our name behind."

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