February 11, 2022

Does Your Home Inspection Partner Make the Cut?

Homebuilders must protect themselves from litigation, busted schedules and budgets, and effort lost to repair or rework. There are multiple home inspection partners in the market, so you will need to choose wisely in order to minimize your risk.

We’ve identified a few key areas to look at to determine who’s the best inspection partner. So, if you want valuable insurance from unforeseen circumstances and region-specific nuances, or just want mass scale quality control, here’s where to start.


Can They Do What’s Needed While Saving You Time and Money?

Your home inspection partner can specialize in one area and be extremely thorough, but if you have multiple houses to build, working with multiple partners could drastically slow down your process.

DPIS is trusted by top homebuilders across the region, because we provide single-source inspection, forensic, and engineering services, and identify potential issues in early stages enabling you to reduce build time and costs. 

Do They Operate in the Areas You Build?

If you’re a high-volume homebuilder in multiple markets, it’s easier to work with a single source provider rather than coordinating with vendors in each particular market.

DPIS is staffed by over one hundred home inspectors, engineers, and CBOs throughout Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. And our staff isn’t entry level crew. We have over one thousand years of combined construction experience.

And our inspectors maintain efficiency by using detailed checklists and inspection forms covering over fifty types of inspections.

Do They Have the Necessary Certifications?

You could find a team that’s fast, cheap and everywhere you need them, but if their inspectors don’t hold the latest International Residential Code (IRC) Certifications, you lose accountability and could run into legal problems.

DPIS inspectors are experienced professionals that have obtained the latest IRC structural, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing certifications. And they will help educate your crew on best practices so errors are avoided up front.

DPIS also staffs over fifty HERS Rater Field Inspectors, seven HERS Raters, and three QAD / Rater Providers to make us a well-rounded and highly-qualified partner.

Want to see the difference a top inspection partner can make?  Contact Us to get started