February 11, 2022

DPIS Raises $17,000 for Red Cross in Supporting the Pandemic

The Red Cross Donation Campaign was launched for the month of April and during that time DPIS matched $1 for every inspection. This was generated by all inspection types, including foundation, quality, and energy. Performing 17,000 inspections for the month was a huge success, as one inspection equaled $1 towards the donation fund.

“To be able to help the community while helping our builders build better homes, more quickly and with less risk is a blessing we are proud to be able to share,” says Jonathan Risch, CEO of DPIS.

By supporting the Red Cross initiative, DPIS is helping support local partners to address people’s emergency needs during COVID-19 — which vary by community, but include supporting quarantine shelters, distributing food, connecting families and providing heath and mental health services. You can learn more about how the Red Cross is helping people here.

DPIS would like to thank all of their builders for their participation and all of their employees for their hard work in helping this campaign be so successful. We’re all in this together.

During this time of uncertainty, DPIS has remained fully operational and continues to help builders across the country with the “Essential Service” of Residential Construction. For any projects that have been delayed by the affects of COVID-19, DPIS is here to help keep your projects on schedule, and help you build better, faster and eliminate risks.

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