February 11, 2022

How to Get Instant Data on Construction Progress

Let’s face it. The construction process is fast and furious out on the site. Your construction managers cannot be at every address, every day. However, with the DPIS web tool, you are directly connected to instant information about what is going on in the field. This will allow your purchasing teams to make more educated decisions about their trades.

The tool provides access to all types of ICC Code data right from your smartphone.This gives the builder information as to what trades might not be understanding of the latest codes. It helps CM’s learn what to watch for in all of the trades that are out on their sites.

The web tool features will help you build faster with instant inspection ordering and a schedule/timeline view. You are also able to immediately download inspection results. By reporting on major Health & Safety items and catching potential high cost warranty items or missed inspections, builders can use the web tool to reduce overall risk. Not to mention, it reduces the need for extra administrative staff to keep up with paperwork. 

Instant reporting features include: 

  • New FrameNET Inspection Reporting
  • See Top Inspection Infractions in an instant
  • Top level staff see both frame and final results at Area Manager or Construction Manager level
  • Top level staff see various Warranty information
  • Top level staff see the Top 10 Health & Safety infractions happening per job site
  • See Average days it takes to build the home, and the number of days per stage
  • And much more!

Contact us to set-up a free demo of the DPIS web tool.