February 11, 2022

HVAC Design & Integrated Engineering

Yes, you heard right! We are now offering HVAC Design to include: Manual’s J (Heat Load), D (Duct Design), and S (System Selection). Our designs will include ducting layouts that are integrated with engineering to ensure that all structural components will coincide with the mechanical system equipment and ducting. HVAC platforms will also be detailed on the plans, and roof bracing will be designed to allow room for the HVAC component installation.

At DPIS, we always strive to be “The Builder’s Solution”. This isn’t just a motto, or something we put on a card, but this is something that we take personally. This has lead us to attack one of the most problematic areas of residential framing- mechanical systems installation.

Many times the framer will build the structure and it has met code in every aspect, but the mechanical contractors are required to “make changes” to the structure in order to deliver the required cooling/heating capacity to the home. These “changes” are generally performed with a sawzall. This is not meant to pick-on the mechanical contractors. They are industry professionals that are put between a rock and a hard place. It is our goal at DPIS to remove this obstruction from residential construction, and delivery a clear and concise plan of action that will benefit all parties involved.

If you have questions, or would like more information regarding these services, please contact us