February 11, 2022

New Ventilation Testing Regulations

With the 2015 energy code becoming standard statewide, and RESNET’s pending Standard 380 for testing changes, we will need a testing station for the fresh air ventilation systems in the return side of the attic HVAC system. This should come at a minimal cost since it is basically a short piece of hard pipe or folded sheet metal that would be used for any duct splice.  We have tested this method and it works!  This new method of testing has been co-developed with the EPA and will work with Energy Star Testing.

Below we have included instructions for using this new method. Please review with your HVAC contractors, and let us know if we can be of assistance.

Also, some HVAC contractors have chosen to upgrade to an 8” duct on larger plans to meet the ventilation requirements.  If so, the testing station would also be 8” in diameter, accordingly.

If your HVAC contractors would like any information regarding the testing methods or ventilation testing instruments, please see links below.  If they have duct testing equipment, then they most likely have a DG-700 already.

Digital Gauges

Air Quality Flow Sensors

Review RESNET standard 380 section 5.3 for procedure, ranges, and calculations.
View RESNET Standard 380
View Energy Code Exhaust Ventilation Cheat Sheet

The conversions for the duct to be multiplied by the feet per minute in the calculation is:



Ventilation Drawing


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